It was the year 1916 when a few talented workers from Sialkot, who were our forefathers, joined hands to start production of surgical instruments. Production was initiated on the basis of samples that were brought by a businessman of Sialkot from United Kingdom, who also happened to be member of The Privy Council.


Market expanded at snail's pace for almost three decades, first in The Punjab and later in other parts of India.


Exports had started in the 1940s, but the industry got a boost during the Second World War (1939-1945) due to stoppage of supply of instruments from England for the War Theater in the East. During this period, some British technicians helped the industry by introducing new processes for surgical instruments including the Heat Treatment.

Mr. Mohammed Jaffer
(The Founder)


In 1946, three real brothers (Mr. Mohammed Safder, Mr. Mohammed Ashraf and Mr. Mohammed Akram) established a partnership company under the name Hillerich Brothers for the production and export of surgical instruments. This company had initial success and started selling its products in India while first exports went to Turkey in the same year.


A few years later two younger brothers (Mr. Mohammed Nasir and Mr. Masud Ahmed) started similar business under the name of Surgical Corporation. With increase in damand, it became necessary to enlarge the production. A larger production facility was established in 1954 that was further expanded in the coming years.


In 1954, the company made its first export of surgical instruments by any Pakistani company to United States of America. Mr. Mohammed Ashraf, Cheif Executive, made a long trip to Middle East, Europe, United Kingdom, USA and Canada in 1958 to establish personal contacts with the buyers and expand the sales volume.


In the year 1961, both companies, Hillerich Brothers & Surgical Corporation, joined hands and formed a new company called Hilbro (Pvt.) Limited, which was later joined by two yonger brothers, Mr. Ejaz Ahmed and Mr. Pervaiz Iqbal.


In 1962, Mr. Ashraf made another trip to Middle East, Scandinavia, Europe, U.K., USA and Canada meeting various buyers and ordering latest machinery from Germany, UK and USA to mechanize its production facilities. The installation of new machinery helped to increase production volume and improved quality.


Company continued to progress and due to further increase in demand, it was decided to move to a larger facility in Small Industrial Estate, Sialkot.

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