Group Plants & Machinery

In the last decade we have shifted from our traditional facilities to our purpose built facilities, 12 km out of the city, to improve the processes and work environment.

To remain the leader in surgical instruments manufacturing technology in Pakistan we have always kept up with the technological advancements in world, especially Europe and USA.


Hilbro (Pvt.) Limited at
Hilbro Industrial Park.
Hilbro International (Pvt.) Limited at
Hilbro Industrial Park.



See how we were the first to install ...
Automated Machinery 1962
Milling Machines 1977
Electrically Heated Conveyer Belt Furnace 1978
Bead Blasting Machines 1979
Synchrotrace Machine 1980
Ultrasonic Degreasers 1981
Spark Erosion Machine 1982
CNC Machines (Taiwan) 1994
CNC Chiron (Germany) 1999
Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace 1999
Laser Welding 2002


Hilbro (Pvt.) Limited
Hilbro International (Pvt.) Limited
Hilbro Instruments (Pvt.) Limited
E.M. Industries (Pvt.) Limited
Elahi & Jaffer (Pvt.) Limited
Jaffarsons (Pvt.) Limited
Pakistan Machine Tools (Pvt.) Limited
SigmaVision (Pvt.) Limited
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