We are based in the home of surgical, sports and leather industries, Sialkot. It is only 125 km away from Lahore, the largest city of Punjab. With its manufacturing focus and its commercial values, Sialkot offers the perfect place to visit and do business, we will be delighted to greet you here.

Over the year we have kept the tradition of distributing love and kindness in the community.

Zohra Memorial Hospital, run under the Jaffer Hilbro Trust, is a 65-bed facility providing free treatment round the clock.

Fatima-Jaffer Educational Trust is the proof of our belief in education, Currently the trust provides scholarships and stipends to the needy school and college students. Educational institutes are also being helped for improvements in level of education.

Awami Welfare Fund focuses on helping people of the low economic sectors.

Hilbro Employees Welfare Fund is helping employees of Hilbro Group, which is in addition to any relief that is provided by the Government under the labor Laws

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